Maintenance Letter of Agreement

Please read carefully before submitting payment and the form below.

Submission of payment indicates your acceptance of the following terms and will dictate your working relationship with Website Refinery. (“We” and “us” and “our” constitute Website Refinery, “you” and “your” constitute the client and individual submitting this form.) This agreement remains in effect until both parties agree to terminate the working relationship via email.

  1. Payments are non-refundable under any circumstances, except as outlined in item 8. Before submitting this form and related payment, make sure you feel comfortable working with us for the duration of your purchased package. Hourly balances (as recorded in our time tracking software) do not hold a cash value and cannot be refunded, even in part, for their cost. Payments must be made via Paypal, either with your credit card or Paypal account. We do not accept checks nor bank transfers at this time.
  2. We make an effort to complete all work requests within 7 business days, but this is not guaranteed. Requests should be made with this in mind. (Website Refinery is not an on-call service and is closed weekends.) Work begins after we have received payment, an agreed-upon list of tasks, and all relevant login credentials.
  3. We require any login credentials for all services connected with your website, including WordPress, FTP, third-party sites, and plugins before we begin work. We agree to take all precautions to keep this information private and will never voluntarily share it with another party.
  4. We do not perform work without a viable backup of your site, which we take when we begin work. This backup is kept intact on a local device for a period of 20 days from the day we begin maintenance on your site. (This is separate from and in addition to backups made as a service.)
  5. You understand that Website Refinery does not accept new-site development nor custom design projects. You must separately contract with our sister company SixteenJuly or a designer of your choosing for those services. (We can make this transition easy for you, but be prepared for longer lead time.)
  6. You understand that, much like automotive repair, an estimate is just that and our quotes are approximate. Website Refinery makes every effort to give accurate estimates. Work is considered complete when your purchased time runs out. You are not guaranteed a finished product. It may be necessary to buy more time to complete your requested work.
  7. Purchased and recorded time expires after two years of inactivity, determined by the last received written communication from you.
  8. You understand that we reserve the right to cancel at any time and issue a refund as we determine necessary. This is the only circumstance for which a refund may be issued.

You only need to agree to this the first time you work with us. If you have any questions, please ask before you submit payment.

Please submit the form below for our records. Receipt of payment signals your agreement to the terms above, irrespective of receipt of the following form.