Who is Website Refinery?

R.T. Quinn

R.T. is your point of contact and the guy doing most of the work. When he’s not sitting at the computer trying to figure out why your hosting company hates him (GoDaddy!!!), he’s off somewhere playing guitar (Vegas, an ’85 MIJ Fender Contemporary Strat) or chasing his chinchilla around the house (Specter, a medium hetero ebony).

Evan Leah Quinn
Founder, Technical Advisor
Evan is the founder and owner of Website Refinery. She might chime in now and again, but she mostly fills her days bringing amazing websites to life. When she’s not doing that, she’s taking a lot of pictures (on her Canon 60D) or chasing her chinchilla around the house (Spirit, a hetero beige).

What’s that? You want to see a picture of the chinchillas? Oh, if you insist.

They live somewhere in here:

They play in places like these:

And they are really glad you’re here.